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I think there are a lot of gems in Luke Sullivan’s book, “Hey Whipple, Squeeze This.” (Although I think the title is the weakest part of the book.) Here is one of them that I try to keep in mind when it comes to writing copy:


“I don’t think people read body copy. I think we’ve entered a frenzied era of coffee-guzzling, e-mail-sending channel surfers who honk the nanosecond the light turns green and have the attention span of a flashbulb. Just my opinion, mind you.

“Yet when I write body copy, long or short, I work hard at making it as smart and persuasive and readable as I can. I suggest you do the same. Because a few people are going to read it. And the ones who do, you want. They’re interested. They’re peering in your shop window.

“So as much as I hammer away on the importance of visual solutions, when you have to write, write smartly. With passion, intelligence, and honesty. And when you’ve said what you need to say, stop.”


And that last sentence may be the most important. So that’s it for today.

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